We are creating a social and

innovative bank for everyone!



A Global, social bank for everyone!

1bank4all – Our name is our vision!

Our vision is to create a social, ethical and ecological bank. A bank which thanks to today's technology, is open 24/7 and 365 days in a year.As a Fintech bank, people will be able to transact from anywhere in the world, with access to internet connectivity.

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Empowering people at the speed of light!

We aim to help solve social problems such as poverty and unemployment.
By providing accessible and fair loans among other financial services, 1bank4all will play an important role in creating jobs, empowering entrepreneurs and providing endless opportunities for communities.

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Value-Added Services

1bank4all will offer international money transfers at low prices, with no hidden fees. Members of 1bank4all shall also have access to over 50 different currencies.
Our goal is to facilitate access to financial services for all kinds of businesses and individuals.

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Become a member of the 1bank4all Founding

Your company can become a partner of the association
and the bank!

Apply to become a member of one of our expert groups:
Banking , Marketing and Technology Groups.

We will be happy to send you our brochure (In English or
German), application form or constitution of the
Founding Association in electronic form or by
post. Contact us via


Dani Balzer
Dani Balzer
Dani is a consultant working closely with 1bank4all and is also a member of different supervisory boards. He studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and has worked as CFO and CEO on an international level for several years.
Patricia Ebakisse
Patricia Ebakisse
Patricia is a board member with a passion for the project. She received a Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation as well as an MBA in Global Management (from CH & US Universities). She has gained experience, working with international organisations.
Christian Heyner
Christian Heyner
Christian is the President of 1bank4all. He received his MBA, with a specialization in banking. Christian has also worked in most of the well-known banks in Germany and Switzerland and is also a co-founder of the Alternative Bank Schweiz (BAS)

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Invest now 1000 € / Fr. 1'200 and you will receive the following services for all your life from 1bank4all:

A free bank account without any fees and charges 

Opportunity to buy shares without Agio

Free domestic & international bank transfers

Access to the 1bank4all Community and many more benefits

Our vision

Our vision is to create a social, ethical and ecological bank. A bank which, thanks to today's technology is open 24 hours, 365 days a year and easily accessible.

Our goal is to facilitate access to financial services for all kinds of businesses and individuals anywhere around the globe. We will bring banking services to the doorsteps of all our clients, independent of their location. Our financial services are designed to adapt to the unique needs of every individual, group of people and corporate customers.

Our Partners

Human Institut
Notabene A. Tanner
PuroVerde eG
Schloss Glarisegg
Seeds for sustainability
Swiss Impact Investment Association
Womens Way

Suporter of the Project

Jessica Bröcker | Gabriele Dirsch | Jens Gerber | Marcel Baumgart | Jakob Wittmann | Elisa Roth | Melanie Gajowski | Jörg Sommer | Charlotte Zepp | Kurt Reuter | Doris Kahl | Charly Suter | Martina Drechsel | Sebastian Auer | Katarina Jaretzky | Andreas Rheinländer | Julia Selke | Neda Beaud | Tobias Schön | Andreas Schmitt | Andreas Dudas | Annabelle Spanier | Susanne Fuchs | Franz Augstburger | Marie-Luise Meinhold | Micha Golze | Ursula Voigts | Timo Adam | Jörg Haupt | Thomas Kaufmann | Hans Leo Bader | Alexander Ertler | Markus Mühlbacher | Christian Heyner | Fabian Hausmann | Jan W. Moestel | Christoph Stückelberger | Manuel Wichert | Maruscha Heyner | Sebastian Plitt | Jessica Julia Beckmann | Frank Kickler | Jonas Voigts | Peter Zielasko | Monika Stoehr | Tobias Haas | Andreas Neukirch | Stefan Roth


1banq4all is a dynamic startup powered by a lot of inspiration and an even greater potential. Let us show you why we are so excited and delighted by the idea and why you should also get involved.


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