10 great reasons to join


A free account for all

Our name is our vision! We are the bank for everyone.

We are a social business

We help solve social problems. We aim to supply loans that will create jobs — the bedrock of any stable community. On top of financial services, 1bank4all will offer clients an opportunity to become part of a social and solidary community.

Peer-to-Peer banking

We support and encourage the administration of private loans, such as peer- financed investments, including crowd-funding and social lending.


Our foundation provides a safety net that supports our members in case of emergencies (e.g. unemployment or health issues).

A global bank

1bank4all offers international money transfers at low prices with no hidden fees.

A network of trust

We have developed our own rating system for judging loan eligibility, that is not based purely on financial values. This network of trust will help to reduce loan defaults.

Guaranteed for a good cause

We will help you to financially support family members, friends or a good cause by being a guarantor for a wonderful social project.

Value-added services

We offer different value-added services that will make life easier. For example: do you know a bank, which keeps your account statements for 10 years online? 1bank4all does. We will provide a special service called booking loans for individuals, families and companies.

Positive and negative list

1bank4all clearly states which type of projects and businesses it supports. We regularly update our positive and negative list to follow our members' suggestions and ideas.

A bank based on values

In the interest of our customers we aim to be fast, safe and reliable. In cases of financial misconduct, fraud and bribes, our code of conduct clearly states a zero tolerance policy.


1banq4all is a dynamic startup powered by a lot of inspiration and an even greater potential. Let us show you why we are so excited and delighted by the idea and why you should also get involved.


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