What makes us different

1. Social Business

As a social business, 1bank4all will invest majority of the profits in social projects.

The profits of most conventional banks are enjoyed by the management and shareholders of the bank.

2. Social Impact and Mission

Our mission is to also create positive and social change in communities. Our mission statement is, to ‘empower people at the speed of light.’

Most retail banks have a Corporate Social Responsibility program, which often comes with conditions, aligned with their money-making interests

3. Ethical and Fair Finance

Our major goal is to provide access to ethical and sustainable financial services for all people. We aim to include the ‘unbankable’ as one of our target groups and provide them with access to affordable financial services.

There are still millions of people in this world who do not have bank accounts or access to fair credit facilities.

For many retail banks, the goal is to make profit with as little risk as possible.

4. People Before Profit

1bank4all is all about value-based banking that is aimed at empowering people.

1bank4all will accept lower return on investment/ profit, in situations where doing so will significantly improve the lives of individuals and communities.

The main objective of conventional banks is to maximise on making profit, and generally have less focus on community development.

5. Social Rating

Using our own social rating system, we will be in a position to analyse the needs and situations of every individual or community applying for a loan. In this way, we can come up with the best and most practical solution in each case.

Retail banks use the standard and conventional rating system that exists in the financial world today. Usually, the more wealth customers have, the more access they get to credit and vice versa.

6. Financial Technology

As a Fintech project, we are flexible enough to implement current innovations to our systems. We will use sophisticated software to deliver fast and efficient financial services.

Large retail banks are faced with the issue of not being able to easily switch their business models…..

7. Positive/ Negative List

We will only invest in sustainable enterprises and projects, which will result in positive economic and/or social development.

Examples of projects that feature on our positive list are projects in the renewable energy and environmental conservation sectors.

Examples of businesses included in our negative list are those involved in arms and weapon trading or corruption

Several retail banks offer financing for all kinds of projects; including those that could create harm, such as to the environment or surrounding communities.

8. Global Community of Members

Another 1bank4all goal is to provide efficient communication channels between the organisation and other individuals or institutions.

As a social banking project, we are not only interested in financing people and businesses but also getting to know them better.

Very few retail banks have a specific social community where customers can engage with each other and with the banks.

9. Real Economy

We are only interested in dealing with finances from and in the real economy. 1bank4all will not be involved in any form of speculation.

Any money 1bank4all will deal with, has to be linked with real trading and assets, and therefore directly contribute to economic stability and development.

Ordinary banks are actively involved in the financial markets, where speculation is the order of the day.


1banq4all is a dynamic startup powered by a lot of inspiration and an even greater potential. Let us show you why we are so excited and delighted by the idea and why you should also get involved.


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