Our Vision

Our Vision Our vision is creating a social, ethical and eco- logical bank. A bank which — thanks to today's technology — is open 24 hours, 365 days a year and one that is also a human and humanitarian.

Our goal is to facilitate access to financial services for all kinds of businesses and individuals anywhere around the globe. We therefore bring banking services to the doorstep of our numerous customers independently of their location. Our suite of services are designed to adapt to the unique needs of every individual, group of people and corporate customers.

As Götz Widmann the songwriter puts it: "it is expensive to be poor". We want to change that by offering financial services at attractive prices. With a free account as a starting point, we will offer international money transfers for a 2% fee – at a fair exchange rate.

Our Primary goal is to help solve social issues such as reducing unemployment and alleviating poverty. We want to offer everybody access to financial services.As a future social bank, we pride ourselves in being ethical and following values like ecological responsibility for our environment as well as being transparent and fair.

1bank4all is a Fin-tech Project, which aims to use cutting edge technology to provide financial services for everyone, everywhere. Our slogan is: "People before Profit" and based on this, we want to improve people's lives at the speed of light.


1banq4all is a dynamic startup powered by a lot of inspiration and an even greater potential. Let us show you why we are so excited and delighted by the idea and why you should also get involved.


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