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How wonderful: Spring is around the corner and the sunshine has begun peeking out of the sky. Find interesting news about our work and new development in this month’s newsletter. And if you want to get to know us and our project in person, register for our event in Zurich (April 26): We look forward to seeing you there! Please note that the registration deadline has been extended to April 23rd. This is your chance to get your ticket, if you haven't already.





We are happy to announce that we have been very productive in the last couple of weeks.

For one, we finished the drafts of all the documents concerning the 1holding4all: The constitution, the subscription form and prospectus. After a final quality check, we will put them up on our website for you to download.

Further, we have compiled a list of potential members for the Supervisory Board of the 1holding4all. The potential members of the board all have experience in different fields such as banking and impact investor relations as well as impressive qualifications, which will be very useful to our project.

Last month we talked about controversial cryptocurrencies and current issues facing the Blockchain system. This month, we carry on that discussion, with a focus on alternative digital currencies and platforms. Please click here to read the article.



First, I would like to thank everybody who has bought our award for € 1’000 / CHF 1’200. We really appreciate your continued support.

Last month, I attended the Retail Banking Innovation Conference in London, from March 27th to 28th. It was very informative and interesting to listen to discussions on open banking business models, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. During this conference, I was happy to have the chance of meeting interesting people, which will help us building the 1bank4all-community in the United Kingdom.

From April 16th to 18th, I will be in Brazil, Sao Paolo, to participate in the Smart City Business America Congress & Expo. It is a great honour for me to be one of the speakers as well as a participant of a panel. Several topics pertaining to the advancement of smart cities will be on the agenda, as issues facing urban development as well as innovations coming up to solve social challenges will be discussed.





The banking group has finalised the business plans of the 1bank4all Group and 1bank4all Europe, which are now available for investors to receive. If you are interested in reading them or wish to obtain more information, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Furthermore, the banking group is evaluating the application of the sandbox approach. A FinTech sandbox is an environment that is used to test the functionality and with real-time responses of a technology and/or software within a defined duration and space. This approach will allow us to be operational before offering all our services as a licensed bank. Look out for the next newsletter to find out more about the sandbox approach.



Carmen, Grace and Maruscha are working hard at making the event “Impact Investing for Change Makers” in Zurich a success. Please join us on April 26th and learn more about how you can invest in positive change for all, not just a few. To get your ticket, please follow this link:


Moreover, the marketing team has been busy networking with investors, partners and individuals interested in 1bank4all. Both existing and potential investors have expressed their interest in 1bank4all, with some of them already pledging their financial contribution to the project.



Right now, we are going through the IT internship applications that we have received so far. Those who meet the qualifications and job description will be shortlisted and contacted with more details regarding the next steps.

Meanwhile, we are looking into the future use of current innovations on the 1bank4all platform. Innovations such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology and smart contracts present us with ideas on how best to secure all 1bank4all financial transactions and accounts as well as manage an efficient social rating system.


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