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January 2018 Newsletter




Dear members and supporters of 1bank4all,Christian


With the onset of 2018, we are having a great start to the year, filled with several exciting milestones, events and developments.

First, we are making good progress with selling the € 1000 / Fr. 1'200 Award and aim to gain more sales in February. Do not miss out on getting yours, which offers amazing lifetime benefits such as free banking services. It is also a nice gift for a close person like your children. To buy the award, please click on the following link:


 We had preparatory meetings with potential partners, who have studied the concept of 1bank4all and found it very interesting to   cooperate with us in order to deliver financial services for those who need it most. The partnerships we are looking for are in the area of   financial services (technologies) and social impact in order to improve many lives through the provision of quality health care, clean water,  affordable housing and education. We are looking forward to announcing the organisations we will partner with in our next newsletter.    

Christian Heyner

 President of 1bank4all Founding Association


  Banking Group

In the banking group, we have refined the business plan of the European bank. We are also currently working on the franchise model of the holding, which will be the basis for the cooperation with all the local 1bank4all network branches in the different countries. Our goal is to start offering much needed financial services as soon as possible.


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Marketing Group

The marketing group has been busy with several tasks including planning 1bank4all events and preparing advertising/promotional material, to enhance our visibility. 1bank4all wants to make a big effort in 2018 and in the next newsletter we will tell you about details and how you can support us to become well known. We do hope, that you are all curious and eager to help spread the word about 1bank4all.


We are organising three significant events on 26th April, 2018, for the various individuals and groups who are interested in 1bank4all. We shall hold all three events consecutively. The details are as follows:

  • 1st Advisory Board Meeting. The members of the new 1bank4all advisory board will come together in the morning and discuss the strategy and implementation plans for 1bank4all.

  • General Assembly. The 1bank4all Founding Association will hold a General Assembly for its members.

  • Investment Opportunity for Change Makers. Last but not least, we want to invite you to our event 'Investment Opportunity for Change Makers'. This is an exciting event where we invite everyone who would like to get more information about the 1bank4all project and become a shareholder of the holding of the 1bank4all group. It will be the last opportunity to sign up for shares of the holding.

We hope to see you at one or more of these events. It will be a great opportunity to find out more about 1bank4all and to purchase the holding’s attractive shares. We shall reveal more details about the events soon.

By Grace Igandu Mwaniki

Communications and Content Director


Information Technology Group





After Grace's and Ciril's great pre-work, Volker took on the role of project leader on Jan 9th. During the following 2 weeks, we all worked hard on making sure our new website is fully functional. Everyone on the team brought in their expert knowledge on Marketing; Translation into 3 languages (English, French and German), Technology, Programming and much more!

The current progress of the project is at 90% and extensive final tests are being carried out by Dani, followed by more quality assurance. Major contributions during this project have come from (in alphabetical order): Christian, Ciril, Dani, Grace, Guido, Patricia and myself.

By Volker Larrass



Are you curious about blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, and the influences they have on social banking? Here are some facts about the effects of blockchain and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, bitcoin:

  1. Blockchain technology has several advantages such as, promoting peer-to-peer transactions among others. But it does have its fair share of challenges including limited scalability.

To read the rest of the article, please click on the following link:




We are still accepting applications for internships in all expert groups: Banking, Information Technology and Marketing.


1. Banking Internship Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance

  • Accounting, financial planning and budgeting skills                                                       

  • Good understanding of banking operations                                                             Success

  • The desire to work in the area of community-based banking

  • Fluency in speaking, writing and reading English.

  • Fluency in German is a plus.


2. Marketing Internship Requirements:

  • Experience in direct marketing, sales and promotions

  • Good understanding of digital marketing

  • Good understand of public relations strategies

  • Fluency in speaking, writing and reading English

  • Excellent analytical and communication skills



 3. Information Technology Internship Requirements:

  • A degree and some experience in Information Technology

  • Good understanding of IT security; Linux Distros; Routing; Firewalls (preferably shorewall) and Virtual Machines.

  • Fluency in speaking, writing and reading English. Fluency in German is a plus.

  • Ability to work with external service providers

  • Possession of troubleshooting skills


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